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Need a UK connection to the world wide web?  Try our secure VPN 

Safe and secure access to the internet, as  if you were in the UK, from anywhere in the world. Our service can be used on a wide range of computers, tablets and phones that support VPN connections.

Simple to use

  • Setting up your VPN connection for the first time takes just a     few minutes.
  • Using your VPN connection once set-up is as simple as     clicking a button.
  • Comprehensive guides and e-mail support will help you     through this process.

Fast and Secure

  • Our VPN serves are based in secure state of the art data     centres in the UK
  • Our data centre is connected directly to the BT Backbone     giving superb speed and reliability.
  • Data between you and our servers is encrypted, helping keep     you and your information safe

Browse with Confidence

  • We give you a UK IP for browsing, your actual     location is hidden
  • Access to websites that require a UK connection     from anywhere
  • Use your social media and online banking safely

Pricing to Suit your Needs

  • Low monthly costs with no hidden extras
  • We offer a range of pricing options to suit your     needs with the option to see a massive 33% by     subscribing for a whole year.
  • Try with confidence – all options include a 1 week     evaluation period – if you don’t like it for any reason,     just cancel and we will not charge you.

Subscription Options

We offer a range of subscription options from One month to One Year.
Subscriptions renew automatically so you do not need to do anything unless you want to cancel.